Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take Two

Last show, Andre Ward canceled on us because he was running late at the gym. After his performance against Sakio Bika, it's hard to blame him. He clearly put in the work that was necessary. Andre has proven himself to be one of the best in the world. What he's doing that no one is talking about is beating fighters at their own game.

It's one thing to impose your will and use your strengths to defeat your opponent. It's another to match your abilities with your opponents' strengths and continue to come out on top.

We've got a second chance with Andre as he will be on the show Thursday night to talk about the Bika fight and his future.

Speaking of second chances, former champ Kendall Holt will join us. Not too long ago he was in the discussion as one of the top 140 pounders. This weekend he fights a guy with a losing record on the off TV portion of a ShoBox card. We'll talk with Kendall about what went wrong and how to get back on track.

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Talk to you Thursday night.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Andres

First of all, I'm officially done underestimating Manny Pacquiao. After his destruction of Antonio Margarito, I have to admit that Manny will go down as an all time great. Now that I've come around, you can be sure he'll lose his next fight -- even if it's to someone like Steve Forbes (no offense to Steve Forbes).

This week we've got an unbelievable lineup. Andres Ward and Berto will join us. They each have fights (against lesser opponents than they should be facing) in the next few weeks. We'll also talk with Eric Parthen, Managing Director of the World Series of Boxing to explain this exciting new concept.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Does Margarito Know?

Antonio Margarito apparently doesn't know very much.

He didn't know that his wraps were loaded before he was to fight Shane Mosley. Now after making fun of Freddie Roach's shaking, he claims he didn't know that Roach has Parkinson's.

Is it possible for Margarito to do any more damage to his reputation? Even if he didn't know the name of the disease Roach has, I guess he thinks its funny to make fun of a person's physical ailments.

I've never been a huge Pacquiao fan. But Saturday night, I'll be rooting for him to knock Margarito out.

This week, we'll find out what HBO's Max Kellerman thinks about the situation. We'll also check in with 2 time Olympian Rau'shee Warren, who is going for his third Olympics in 2012.

This week we debut on two stations -- 740 The Game in Orlando and 620 The Animal in Tampa. This marks our first show on the Loudmouth Radio Network.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Family Feud

On tonight's show, we'll talk with super middleweight prospect Dyah Davis.

Dyah is the son of 1976 Olympic gold medalist Howard Davis. Friday night, Dyah takes on Aaron Pryor, Jr. In 1976, Howard Davis, upset Aaron Pryor, Sr. twice to win a spot on the Olympic team. At the time, Pryor was a big favorite and was expected to win gold in Montreal.

Instead, Davis not only won gold, but was named the Outstanding Boxer in the games. Not only that, Davis' story is one that fans of the Olympics will remember for a long time. Howard's mother passed away while he was at the games, before he had his first fight. He decided to stay as his mother's last words to him were, "You bring home that gold."

So Friday's fight between Davis and Pryor, Jr. is an interesting story line. Pryor insists he has no sights on revenge and this is about his career, not his dad's. Tune in tonight to hear what Davis has to say.

Also, tonight, I'll reveal why Manny Pacquiao is the most overrated fighter in recent memory.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is Iron Mike a Hall of Famer?

I received my ballot to vote for the next class of inductees into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Two new names jumped out at me. Julio Cesar Chavez and Mike Tyson.

There is no doubt in my mind that Chavez is a Hall of Famer. Tyson, I had to think about. Was he dominant enough? Should he be penalized for not being as great as we all thought he could be?

Listen to the show tonight at 9 ET to hear whether I voted for him or not. Call in to the show and send your emails to to let me know why or why Tyson shouldn't be enshrined in Canastota.

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On tonight's show I'll ask my guest Steve Farhood what he thinks.

Tune in tonight.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

All the Single Ladies

Tonight on Through the Ropes, I'm going to ask former world champ and Olympic silver medalist Wayne McCullough, just what in the name of everything that is holy is this??!

We'll also talk with's Karl Freitag about the debacle at the Fifth Street Gym last week and the European boxing scene.

Tune in tonight.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Belts Don't Matter

We're off this week but will be back next at the same time, same place.

Meanwhile, I want to discuss what Anthony Peterson said on the show last week. If you missed it you can get the podcast here.

Peterson's interview starts at around 40 minutes into the show.

He said he doesn't care about winning a belt.

I found that shocking.

I've heard guys like Shane Mosley, Floyd Mayweather and others who have a trophy case full of belts say that. But never a guy who has yet to win a world title. Usually, at that point in their career, that's the dream. Once you win a world championship, you're "Champ" forever. From that point on, anytime you walk into the gym or to a boxing venue, "Hey Champ", "That's the champ", "That guy was champion of the world 30 years ago."

Without it, you're usually just another fighter.

But Anthony said he doesn't care because the sanctioning bodies are so full of B.S., breaking their own rules, dropping guys from rankings for no reason -- that he just wants to make money and get out.

As someone who loves the sport and still thinks there's something romantic about winning a world championship -- even if you're one of 4 world champions at a specific weight class, that saddened me. Though I can't blame him at all.

I hope one day Anthony Peterson wins a legitimate world title and learns to enjoy it. Then he can come back on Through the Ropes and say, "You know, it is special. I'm glad I won." That way, I can go back to thinking there's still something magical about reaching the pinnacle of success.

On another note, I know this will be incredibly unpopular, but the Tyson - Tupac 30 for 30 on ESPN was so cheesy that it should have been sponsored by Velveeta. The interviews were interesting, but the other stuff was so over the top it made me gag.

What did you think?