Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mazel Tov Steve Farhood

I was recently up for one of the stranger jobs in my career. Former world title challenger Dimitry Salita is promoting his own fight next Wednesday in New York. Dmitry, who is a very observant Jew was going to broadcast the show on the world wide leader of sports, The Jewish Channel. I spoke to Dimitry and the Jewish Channel CEO about calling the fight. Things were moving in the right direction and I was told I was the lead candidate. I figured with my experience and being a nice Jewish boy, I was the obvious choice (assuming they couldn't afford Max Kellerman).

Turns out, they went in a completely different direction. After a sponsor came on board and put some money in the coffers, they went with Steve Farhood. Nice to see the Jewish Channel isn't prejudiced as Farhood is of Lebanese descent.

When I was told that they were hiring Steve, I replied, "If he was available and I had the money, I'd hire Farhood too." No shame in losing a job to him.

Mazel Tov Steve.

On this week's show we've got Steve Farhood's former dance partner Nick Charles. We'll also hear from one of the funniest former champs, Greg Haugen. You remember his line about Julio Cesar Chavez and Tijuana taxi drivers...

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Told You So

Chad Dawson fought like a guy who didn't train properly (as I said he wasn't in my last post). He seemed to be making sure he had something left in the tank for the later rounds -- which he actually did. He had Pascal hurt in the 11th and some people think he may have taken the Canadian out in the 12th. I think Pascal is too tough, but that doesn't really matter.

What matters is this was a winnable fight for Dawson if he let his hands go in the early rounds, instead of holding back.

To the victor go the spoils, so tonight we'll be speaking with the champ -- Jean Pascal. We'll also check in with legendary announcer Colonel Bob Sheridan, who is calling this weekend's Adamek - Grant fight.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Picking WHO?!

I was hoping to reveal this amazing bit of foresight on the show tonight. However, we had a technical issue that could not be fixed by the time we were supposed to go on the air. I was bummed because Chris Arreola was going to be on and he's always a great interview.

Tonight, I was planning to grace all of you with a magnificent prediction, that will sound crazy now, but in hindsight will be nothing short of brilliant.

Jean Pascal is going to beat Chad Dawson this Saturday night.

I don't mean he's going to get a gift decision in his hometown. Jean Pascal is going to legitimately win the fight.

Here's why:

Chad Dawson did not train properly for this fight. This is something no one else is talking about. He only put in about 4 weeks in the gym. He talks a good game about being in great shape, taking advice from Marvin Hagler and wanting to be the best in the world. But Chad Dawson, while an excellent fighter, believes his own hype.

Additionally, I'm not convinced the 4 weeks he did put in were a great 4 weeks.

Without going into too much detail, let's just say Chad has had quite a few distractions lately, both personally and professionally. An elite boxer heading into a tough fight should be 100% focused on the task at hand. That's why they leave their families and do nothing but eat, sleep and think boxing for the 6 - 8 weeks they're in camp. Dawson hasn't done that.

If he were fighting a decent opponent, his raw talent would probably be enough to get him the win. But he's not fighting a decent opponent. He's fighting a very good one. Not only that, Pascal is one tough S.O.B. In his last fight, which he won, he had to have his shoulder popped back in three times. That's a guy who wants to win. I don't think he'll be discouraged by Dawson's speed in the early rounds.

Pascal will just keep plugging away, trying to bring the fight to Dawson. Eventually, Chad's lack of preparation will catch up to him and Pascal will start nailing him. We know Chad doesn't have the greatest chin in the world. To his credit, every time he's been down, he's gotten back up to win. But this time, there won't be enough gas in the tank.

Also, if Dawson is at all concerned that he didn't train properly, that could effect his confidence and make him fight more tentatively than usual, which won't win over the judges.

Jean Pascal wins by split decision (with a questionable scorecard for Dawson).

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Does Andre Ward Have What it Takes?

A year ago, Andre Ward was a fairly respected boxer. I say fairly because many questioned his chin. Nearly no one thought he had a chance of winning Showtime's Super Six Tournament.

Today, after two excellent performances, he's the hands on favorite.

More importantly, boxing may have found its newest star. Andre has shown he can box, has ring intelligence and isn't afraid to trade punches. In the ring, he's fun to watch.

Outside the ring he's even better. He has quickly become many fans' and media's favorite boxer. Despite fistic glory, he remains humble, committed to his craft and to using his role model status to positively impact others.

I've seen first hand his effect on people. After spending an hour in the studio with me last January, those in the building were buzzing about it for weeks.

The real test will come this Thursday night, when he is in the studio with me again as special co-host. You see, my two kids will be there as well.

As those of you who listen to the show know, my 9 year old couldn't care less about boxing. He has met world champions and shown has much interest as if he met a group of accountants. Actually, he'd prefer the accountants. He likes math.

If Andre can impress my son, he is boxing's next great star.

No pressure or anything.

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