Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mazel Tov Steve Farhood

I was recently up for one of the stranger jobs in my career. Former world title challenger Dimitry Salita is promoting his own fight next Wednesday in New York. Dmitry, who is a very observant Jew was going to broadcast the show on the world wide leader of sports, The Jewish Channel. I spoke to Dimitry and the Jewish Channel CEO about calling the fight. Things were moving in the right direction and I was told I was the lead candidate. I figured with my experience and being a nice Jewish boy, I was the obvious choice (assuming they couldn't afford Max Kellerman).

Turns out, they went in a completely different direction. After a sponsor came on board and put some money in the coffers, they went with Steve Farhood. Nice to see the Jewish Channel isn't prejudiced as Farhood is of Lebanese descent.

When I was told that they were hiring Steve, I replied, "If he was available and I had the money, I'd hire Farhood too." No shame in losing a job to him.

Mazel Tov Steve.

On this week's show we've got Steve Farhood's former dance partner Nick Charles. We'll also hear from one of the funniest former champs, Greg Haugen. You remember his line about Julio Cesar Chavez and Tijuana taxi drivers...

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