Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No New Year's Miracle

I worked on Christmas Eve, you didn't expect a New Year's Eve show too, did you?

Besides, I've never liked those "Best of 2009" shows or columns. I never read them and don't do them. I don't care what someone else thinks is the KO of the year or the upset of the year. It doesn't really matter. I enjoyed the fights when they happened and don't need to measure one great performance against another. In fact, I don't enjoy this time of year because of all of those top XYZ of 2009 lists. Not just in boxing. In business, entertainment, everything. Bah humbug.

2010 will be another great year for Through the Ropes. I've confirmed Andre Ward as special in studio co-host on January 14th. I'll do my best to continue to bring you the biggest names in boxing and the most entertaining guests each and every week.

Thanks for listening.

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Have a happy and safe new year. I'll see you in 2010.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Through the Ropes will be on the air Christmas eve, with a live show.

We'll have Sugar Shane Mosley and Fightnews publisher Karl Freitag. Shane has some pretty strong opinions about the Pacquiao - Mayweather blood test controversy. While you're wrapping presents and putting toys together, tune in to hear what he has to say, Thursday night at 9 p.m. ET 6 p.m. PT

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walk the Walk

A guy who doesn't do a lot of talking but does a great job in the ring is Timothy Bradley. He'll be on the show this week along with Jim Jeffries biographer Jim Carney.

As you know, I picked Kevin Johnson to beat Vitali Klitschko last week. I still think he could have had he bothered to throw a punch. When Klitschko's eye was bleeding and swelling in the 5th round, I thought if Johnson just popped the jab at the eye for the next few rounds, it could have caused enough damage to stop the fight.

However, he refused to throw a damn punch. He wasn't getting hurt, was able to avoid most of Klitshcko's punches, but just wouldn't let his hands go.

To make matters worse he was talking for weeks in advance. Even in private, he was talking talking talking. He told me, "this is going to be easy."

If you talk like that you need to throw a punch now and then. If you're going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk.

I haven't seen any statements from him so I emailed him to ask him what happened. I haven't heard back.

It doesn't surprise me.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back Next Week

I'm on the road again this week, so we'll be running a Best of Through the Ropes on Thursday night.

When I get back we'll have a lot to talk about, including the huge upset in Switzerland, Diaz- Malignaggi, Bradley - Peterson and I suspect people will still be burning up over that 119-110 scorecard in the Williams - Martinez fight.

To make up for all the absences, I will be having a show Christmas Eve. So you'll be able to tune in while you're wrapping presents and drinking egg nog.

Maybe I'll have some egg nog too. It certainly couldn't hurt my predictions track record.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kingpin will be the New King

I said it on the show last night, so I'm putting it in print. Kevin Johnson will beat Vitali Klitschko.

I'm sure I'll get a lot of people calling me crazy, but Johnson is an excellent boxer. He's got exceptional vision in the ring. That's not just my assessment but Manny Steward's as well. He got a good look at Johnson when he was a sparring partner for Wlad.

Vitali is fighting as well as he ever has, but Johnson's tremendous jab and ring generalship will prevent Klitschko from getting off and connecting with big power shots.

Additionally, I see parallels between this fight and Clay - Liston. Not that I'm comparing Kevin Johnson to Muhammad Ali in the talent department. But it's a very similar situation where you have a big powerful dominant champion against a loud, slick boxer, who everyone thinks will get destroyed. Johnson is a 10-1 dog. Ali was 8-1.

If you want to make some money, put it on Johnson to win. You can thank me next Sunday.

And for all of you who think I'm crazy, feel free to unleash your wrath below.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Quiet Ones

No, not John Ruiz. This week we've got Paulie Malignaggi and Champions Forever Filmmaker Craig Glazer. Craig is one of the few guys that can give Paulie a run for his money in the talking department.

I'll have to get all my words out in the opening segment because it's going to be all Craig and Paulie from there.

We'll also give away a copy of Champions Forever with special lost interviews with Muhammad Ali.

Tune in tomorrow night.