Friday, December 4, 2009

Kingpin will be the New King

I said it on the show last night, so I'm putting it in print. Kevin Johnson will beat Vitali Klitschko.

I'm sure I'll get a lot of people calling me crazy, but Johnson is an excellent boxer. He's got exceptional vision in the ring. That's not just my assessment but Manny Steward's as well. He got a good look at Johnson when he was a sparring partner for Wlad.

Vitali is fighting as well as he ever has, but Johnson's tremendous jab and ring generalship will prevent Klitschko from getting off and connecting with big power shots.

Additionally, I see parallels between this fight and Clay - Liston. Not that I'm comparing Kevin Johnson to Muhammad Ali in the talent department. But it's a very similar situation where you have a big powerful dominant champion against a loud, slick boxer, who everyone thinks will get destroyed. Johnson is a 10-1 dog. Ali was 8-1.

If you want to make some money, put it on Johnson to win. You can thank me next Sunday.

And for all of you who think I'm crazy, feel free to unleash your wrath below.


Anonymous said...

How could Pierre Benoist hand in a 119-110 scorecard for the Martinez vs Williams fight this is truly hurting boxing with these decisions and all these fights were this year: Diaz/Malignaggi, Funeka/Guzman and now Martinez/Williams. The fight could've gone either way but a 119-110 score is ridiculous.

Sergio Martinez should fight Alfredo Angulo next then maybe we will never have to see Angulo the hype job that HBO tries to put on the fans. Martinez is the true 154 pound Champion.

Marc said...

That 119-110 score really seems to have touched a nerve. Boxing fans were already screaming robbery about the other two fights you mentioned, but the idea that Martinez only won one round is so unfathomable that the fans are going nuts.

Hopefully, this will lead to some kind of reform.

I'd love to see Martinez - Angulo. And while I think Martinez would win, I don't think Angulo is simply a hype job. He's got power and imposes his will as much as anyone in the sport.

Don't forget, that during his loss to Cintron, he was sick with a nasty stomach bug, and he still made the fight competitive.

TijuanaBoxing said...

Incredible that a judge again ruined one hell of a fight, I felt bad for both fighters after I heard the 119 -110 scored, personally I had Martinez winning, I think he landed the more hurtful and stronger punches and he had Williams hurt more than once in the fight.

But come on, where do they get this judges? can I just apply to be one? I would do a much better job than those idiots.

TijuanaBoxing said...

By the way Marc, congrats on your HBO announcement! The only thing you missed was Angulo's nick name pronunciation, you said El Perooo Angulo, instead of El Perrrrroooo Angulo, you have to hold that rrrrrrrr for a second or two, but other than that great job! hope to see you up there again soon.