Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No New Year's Miracle

I worked on Christmas Eve, you didn't expect a New Year's Eve show too, did you?

Besides, I've never liked those "Best of 2009" shows or columns. I never read them and don't do them. I don't care what someone else thinks is the KO of the year or the upset of the year. It doesn't really matter. I enjoyed the fights when they happened and don't need to measure one great performance against another. In fact, I don't enjoy this time of year because of all of those top XYZ of 2009 lists. Not just in boxing. In business, entertainment, everything. Bah humbug.

2010 will be another great year for Through the Ropes. I've confirmed Andre Ward as special in studio co-host on January 14th. I'll do my best to continue to bring you the biggest names in boxing and the most entertaining guests each and every week.

Thanks for listening.

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Have a happy and safe new year. I'll see you in 2010.

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