Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Climbing off the Canvass

I always say that I'm the Arturo Gatti of the airwaves. The ultimate blood and guts talk show host. I've done shows with migraines, stomach viruses and hay fever that would have fallen lesser men. But I know my audience needs me so I crawl into the studio and maintain my stature as pound for pound champion of boxing radio.

Tomorrow, I'll be doing the same. Hopefully, my voice will cooperate but if I sound off my game, know that I climbed off the canvass (or out of bed) to be there.

It's a show I couldn't allow myself to miss. Ricky Hatton and Jim Lampley will be with us. I hope you'll be there as well.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hanging with the Boys

When I moved to Florida, I had no idea what a hotbed of boxing the area is. Of course, I knew that years ago, Miami and its famed 5th Street gym attracted fighters from all over the world. But I was pleasantly surprised to see how many big names show up at pretty much any event in the area.

Last night at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, where Glen Johnson was the main event, I hung out with Nate Campbell, Allan Green and a very good looking prospect (2-0 2KOs) named Isiah Thomas. In both of his KOs, he rendered his opponent unconscious. I was ringside for the first one and it was one of the most devastating KOs I've ever seen.

While talking to the guys, Allan told me he is back in action this weekend against Carl Daniels on the Taylor - Lacy undercard. I've always liked Allan in and out of the ring and invited him to be on the show Thursday night. He's an interesting story because boxing treats him like a big star even though he hasn't won anything yet.

It's nice to see Nate Campbell getting so much respect and adulation from the crowd and boxing insiders. He was always popular because of his personality, but now that he has the belts, people go out of their way to talk to him. He is one of the funniest guys in the sport, by the way.

Along with Green we'll have Paulie Malignaggi on this week. Be sure to call in or email your questions. Both guys don't hold much back when they're in front of a microphone.

Oh, and James McGirt Jr. lost his fight last night. However, two judges were the only people in the building who didn't think so. He was awarded a draw and if he hadn't been knocked down in the last minute of the fight he would have been awarded the victory. The judging was atrocious all night.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


No, I'm not talking about a repeat performance by Bernard Fernandez. The Executioner, Bernard Hopkins will be with us. He'll discuss his incredible win over Kelly Pavlik, this weekend's Jones - Calzaghe fight and his relationship with Shuan Negler.

Of course that's time permitting. We all know that Bernard can take 10 minutes to answer one question, though I promise to try to keep him under control. Try being the key word.

By the way, Hasim Rahman getting another title shot? Really? Hell, I'd rather see DaVarryl Williamson fight Klitschko. At least he gave Klitschko a run for his money.

Rahman is a good interview. But he made a career out of winning the lottery by knocking out Lennox Lewis. That was a great and deserving win, but he hasn't done squat since.