Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Climbing off the Canvass

I always say that I'm the Arturo Gatti of the airwaves. The ultimate blood and guts talk show host. I've done shows with migraines, stomach viruses and hay fever that would have fallen lesser men. But I know my audience needs me so I crawl into the studio and maintain my stature as pound for pound champion of boxing radio.

Tomorrow, I'll be doing the same. Hopefully, my voice will cooperate but if I sound off my game, know that I climbed off the canvass (or out of bed) to be there.

It's a show I couldn't allow myself to miss. Ricky Hatton and Jim Lampley will be with us. I hope you'll be there as well.


Anonymous said...

What's the deal with the podcast? I can't download any of the recent ones

Marc said...

I've been told that they are updated but I'm having the same problem.

What operating system are you using? Are you using iTunes to retrieve the podcast? What is the last episode that you have? The more info that you can give me the more I can provide to our web guy.


Anonymous said...

I'm using Itunes on a Mac. Oct 16th is the last one.