Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Golden Boycott

I've expressed my belief that this weekend's big fight is meaningless. There are so many other more important fights coming up that I will not be spending the majority of this week's show on the so called "Dream Match".

Sure, we'll talk about it. But the guests, cruiserweight champ Steve Cunningham and Jr. welter champ Kendall Holt are in far more interesting bouts.

I decided not to bring on any guests related to the Dream Match, because I just don't care about the fight.

If you agree or disagree, let me know -- either on this blog or call or email the show.

Talk to you Thursday.


Justin Hackman said...

Hey Marc, Unfortunately I haven't been able to tune in as of late, so I didn't know how strongly you felt about this match. I at first was conflicted because you are right, there are many other much more meaningful fights to be made. Like for example, Pacquiao/Campbell, Pacquiao/Juan Diaz, or even a third fight against Marquez at lightweight would be great. And as far as DLH, I would love to see a third fight with Mosley at this stage in their careers, or Paul Williams, or Margarito... But you know, I'm easy to please as a boxing fan and maybe that's a bad thing, I don't know. But I'm a sucker for drama, and that is why I love (and why I was initially drawn to) the sport. I love stories: every fighter's subsequent fight to me is another chapter in the story that is his career. And I can't think of a greater stage for such stories than a boxing ring. So are there more "meaningful" fights that could have been made to further each fighter's respective divisions? Yes. But I guess for me, an intriguing match up, one which will make for a good "chapter" is what I desire from a fight and its anticipation.

Marc said...

Justin, I agree with you. And that's why I do feel so strongly about this fight. To me, there is no drama.

If Oscar wins, he simply beat up a smaller guy (albeit a very good one). If Manny wins, he beat an over the hill former great.

If either wants to further their legacy, they should fight the best in their division. Otherwise, they're just paydays.

John said...

I would much rather hear from Cunningham and Holt.

Good decision for true boxing fans !

Screw Oscar for picking on little Manny. I hope Pac whups his ass!