Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kermit and Clay

This week we've got Kermit Cintron and author Clay Moyle.

Cintron faces the very tough Alfredo Angulo Saturday night. Cintron may be one loss from being a stepping stone. Find out how he plans on beating the unbeaten El Perro.

History buffs will love hearing from Clay Moyle, author of "Sam Langford, Boxing's Greatest Uncrowned Champion". I'm about halfway through the book and it's sensational. It is thoroughly researched but very readable. There are some who believe Langford may be one of the greatest fighters who ever lived. Tune in Thursday night to find out why.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Friends

I'm glad to announce that Through the Ropes has a new title sponsor. While I would gladly take Budweiser's money, what makes me even happier is that the sponsor isn't a consumer product that promises to help you satisfy your partner, get more girls, look cool or get you drunk. Not that there's anything wrong with any of those things. Sounds like my typical Saturday night, circa 1991.

Rather it is a group that is genuinely trying to improve the world of boxing -- The International Boxing Organization. The IBO is the only sanctioning body that has unbiased computerized rankings. Champions aren't stripped because they refuse to fight a favored promoter's kid. Nor are there any interim, super or emeritus champions. I've been a fan of these guys for over a decade.

This week IBO President Ed Levine will be on the show to introduce his organization.

Later in the show we'll hear from promoter/manager Luis De Cubas, who has been instrumental in bringing over Cuban fighters such as Joel Casamayor, Diosbelys Hurtado and more recently Yuriorkis Gamboa and Guillermo Rigondiaux. You'll recall that last week Teddy Atlas said Rigondiaux was the best amateur he'd ever seen.

Considering the international intrigue that goes on in helping Cuban national heroes defect, I'm expecting the conversation with De Cubas to be fascinating.

Lastly, how can you not be a Paulie Malignaggi fan after watching this?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big Stars of the Little Screen

I was shocked when I realized it has been nearly a year since I've had Teddy Atlas on the show. I had to rectify that situation immediately, so he'll join us from Atlantic City where he'll be preparing to call a very good heavyweight fight on Friday Night Fights.

Also, Nick Charles will attempt to get back in my good graces after missing his scheduled appearance. He'll be in Oakland also getting ready to call a terrific fight in Ward - Miranda.

Talk to you Thursday night.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Greatest and the Baddest

This week we're going to focus on "The Greatest" and someone who was perhaps the last baddest man on the planet.

Author Michael Ezra, whose book "Muhammad Ali, The Making of an Idol" will be with us. We're also going to talk to filmmaker James Toback, whose documentary "Tyson" will be released nationwide on Friday.

We'll also discuss the PacMan's incredible performance last weekend.

On another note -- the inside scoop on my glamours life in the world of boxing:

I was hired to do color commentary on this weekend's Hector Camacho - Yory Boy Campas fight in Atlantic City. I would be working with the legendary Col. Bob Sheridan which would be a treat. On the other hand I'd have to call the Camacho - Campas fight.

It was scheduled to be on PPV. I can't imagine anyone and I do mean any one single person, shelling out money to see this fight.

Camacho is going to be 47 later this month. I saw him in February and he looked like he hadn't seen a gym in 3 years. Yory Boy has seen better days but he's still competitive at a fairly high level. The NJ boxing commission refused to sanction the fight after watching Camacho spar.

There's talk that the fight may wind up in Tampa but no word on if they'll still do TV. Although the money would be nice, I hope it doesn't happen. I'm not sure how to put enough lipstick on that pig.