Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Greatest and the Baddest

This week we're going to focus on "The Greatest" and someone who was perhaps the last baddest man on the planet.

Author Michael Ezra, whose book "Muhammad Ali, The Making of an Idol" will be with us. We're also going to talk to filmmaker James Toback, whose documentary "Tyson" will be released nationwide on Friday.

We'll also discuss the PacMan's incredible performance last weekend.

On another note -- the inside scoop on my glamours life in the world of boxing:

I was hired to do color commentary on this weekend's Hector Camacho - Yory Boy Campas fight in Atlantic City. I would be working with the legendary Col. Bob Sheridan which would be a treat. On the other hand I'd have to call the Camacho - Campas fight.

It was scheduled to be on PPV. I can't imagine anyone and I do mean any one single person, shelling out money to see this fight.

Camacho is going to be 47 later this month. I saw him in February and he looked like he hadn't seen a gym in 3 years. Yory Boy has seen better days but he's still competitive at a fairly high level. The NJ boxing commission refused to sanction the fight after watching Camacho spar.

There's talk that the fight may wind up in Tampa but no word on if they'll still do TV. Although the money would be nice, I hope it doesn't happen. I'm not sure how to put enough lipstick on that pig.

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Bill from Chicago said...

Great show. The Ali and Tyson segments were excellent.