Thursday, April 30, 2009


I always enter the week with a plan of who I'd like to have on the show. The list usually is 4 or 5 names deep. On weeks, such as this, where I can't get my A list names, I'm often left scrambling to find guests. Even when they're not the biggest stars in the sport, the guests are usually very good.

As of early Thursday afternoon, I still hadn't filled one of the slots with a top name guest. As I was going through my contact list, my phone rang. Could we put Bernard Hopkins on tonight? Umm, yeah I think I can squeeze him in.

So tonight we've got B-Hop and Fighnews/Fightwriter's Graham Houston.

Also, I'm going to talk about my harrowing experience announcing the Spinks - Latimore fight.

Tune in tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marc I have a Question for Bernard Hopkins:

Would you (Hopkins) be willing to fight Carl Froch and if you win that fight would that have a significant meaning because Froch defeated Jermain Taylor who defeated yourself(Hopkins) two times?

ps Bernard Hopkins shouldn't fight Tito Trinidad again.