Wednesday, November 5, 2008


No, I'm not talking about a repeat performance by Bernard Fernandez. The Executioner, Bernard Hopkins will be with us. He'll discuss his incredible win over Kelly Pavlik, this weekend's Jones - Calzaghe fight and his relationship with Shuan Negler.

Of course that's time permitting. We all know that Bernard can take 10 minutes to answer one question, though I promise to try to keep him under control. Try being the key word.

By the way, Hasim Rahman getting another title shot? Really? Hell, I'd rather see DaVarryl Williamson fight Klitschko. At least he gave Klitschko a run for his money.

Rahman is a good interview. But he made a career out of winning the lottery by knocking out Lennox Lewis. That was a great and deserving win, but he hasn't done squat since.


Anonymous said...

Marc- Any chance Bernard Hopkins goes to Heavyweight for one final fight and rub it in the face of Roy Jones Jr when he moved up to fight John Ruiz that is if he can't get a fight with Roy?

Bill from Chicago said...

Please update the podcast. I can't wait to here the most recent show.