Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Belts Don't Matter

We're off this week but will be back next at the same time, same place.

Meanwhile, I want to discuss what Anthony Peterson said on the show last week. If you missed it you can get the podcast here.

Peterson's interview starts at around 40 minutes into the show.

He said he doesn't care about winning a belt.

I found that shocking.

I've heard guys like Shane Mosley, Floyd Mayweather and others who have a trophy case full of belts say that. But never a guy who has yet to win a world title. Usually, at that point in their career, that's the dream. Once you win a world championship, you're "Champ" forever. From that point on, anytime you walk into the gym or to a boxing venue, "Hey Champ", "That's the champ", "That guy was champion of the world 30 years ago."

Without it, you're usually just another fighter.

But Anthony said he doesn't care because the sanctioning bodies are so full of B.S., breaking their own rules, dropping guys from rankings for no reason -- that he just wants to make money and get out.

As someone who loves the sport and still thinks there's something romantic about winning a world championship -- even if you're one of 4 world champions at a specific weight class, that saddened me. Though I can't blame him at all.

I hope one day Anthony Peterson wins a legitimate world title and learns to enjoy it. Then he can come back on Through the Ropes and say, "You know, it is special. I'm glad I won." That way, I can go back to thinking there's still something magical about reaching the pinnacle of success.

On another note, I know this will be incredibly unpopular, but the Tyson - Tupac 30 for 30 on ESPN was so cheesy that it should have been sponsored by Velveeta. The interviews were interesting, but the other stuff was so over the top it made me gag.

What did you think?

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