Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I was supposed to announce the undercard of Tarver - Woods/Dawson - Johnson. While I love announcing any fights, I was particularly stoked to be front row for Dawson - Johnson. I expected this to be a tremendous fight and know Glen and his handlers fairly well.

Thursday, I got a call that the local promoter had hired Mark Beiro to do the show. Now, Beiro has forgotten more shows than I've worked, but I was still miffed that I lost the job. This is the 4th time in my career that I'd been told I have a card and the job fell through. I'm starting to feel like a fighter. I must be the only ring announcer that gets scratched on a regular basis.

As I sat at home watching the great fight between Dawson and Johnson, I kept remarking to my wife, "I can't believe I'm not there for this." You can imagine the sympathy that comment invoked.

Next gig is ShoBox in May. That should be a good one. Andre Dirrell vs. Anthony Hanshaw. Looking forward to it. Assuming they don't get some other guy to do it.

I'll post an update with this week's guests as soon as they're confirmed.

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