Monday, September 15, 2008

Woe is Me

I'm interviewing Sugar Shane Mosley on Wednesday and will play the segment on Thursday's show. He'll be training during the live broadcast which is why we have to record it in advance. If you have any questions for Shane, post them in the comments section and I'll do my best to ask them.

On another topic -- Saturday, I was Mr. Mom and was out all day with my kids. I didn't check the internet or hear any news regarding the Campbell - Guzman fight. I knew I'd get the kiddies to bed late that night, so I set my DVR for the Showtime broadcast. Finally, at about 10:00 I cracked open an ice cold Moosehead (my beer of choice for those looking for holiday gift ideas) and settled in to watch what I expected to be a decent undercard fight followed by an exciting main event.

If you hadn't checked Fightnews either, I'm sure you were as stunned as I was to hear that Guzman pulled out at 6:00 that evening. I can't recall ever hearing about something like that in a major fight. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

To make matters worse, shortly after Bradley knocked Cherry down, my DVR quit. Too many Cartoon Network and Nick shows eating up all the memory.

With the wife away for a week, the house is a disaster, the kids are a mess (happy, but a mess), we're eating leftover leftovers, I'm dead tired and all I wanted to do was drink my fine Canadian lager and watch a fight that I was really amped up for -- especially after spending that time with Nate in the studio.

I ended up watching World Poker Tour reruns, going to bed early and throwing myself a pity party.


Manuel said...

Hi Marc could you ask Shane this:

Question: If you (Mosley) were to fight Margarito do you think a hard jab will make a difference in the fight? much like the one Cotto throws.

To Marc: In Shane's fights I see that he doesn't throw a hard jab like Cotto but he flicks a jab is it a time mechanism thing that he uses to set up other punches or can he throw a hard jab?

Thanks Marc.

Lee in Queens said...

Hi Marc,

Can you ask Shane what really happened with the Judah fight? Was it him or Jin that didnt want to reschedule? Yoel Judah told me that the Mosley camp was scared to fight Zab, is that true?

Marc said...


I'll ask him, but I wouldn't believe a word any of the Judah's said even if their priest/rabbi, banker and a judge all swore that it was true.

Lee in Queens said...

Haha. Good point Marc. I have a question for you while we're on the talk of the Judahs. Why would Zab wear a Star of David on his trunks, claim to be an Israelite, and then thank Jesus after every fight?? Can you shed some light on this subject in honor of Rosh Hashona?