Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rolling Like Lennon

This weekend, I cage announced the ShoXC card in Hammond, IN.

An hour outside of Chicago, Hammond seemed like your typical struggling rust belt town. The show was at the new $500 million Harrah's Horshoe Casino. However, there is no hotel there, only a casino. So we had to stay at the Ramada Inn just down the road.

Now, I have a very negative impression of Ramada. Several years ago, I stayed in one before taking a professional exam. It was the worst hotel room I've ever had. I actually found a cup of beer with a cigarette butt in it in one of the drawers. And it only went down hill from there.

This Ramada wasn't nearly as bad. But it's still a Ramada. However, for some reason, I was given the "Whirlpool Suite." It was a huge room with a couch, kitchenette and a bathtub/whirlpool that was up on a faux marble riser along with a glass shower.

I don't understand why they would have such a suite in a Ramada in Hammond. Do people really go in there and say, "You know, honey, we don't get to Hammond very often. Let's make it special and spring for the Whirlpool Suite."?

Anyway, the room was fine, other than the train that came roaring past the hotel every 15 minutes and the toilet that would mysteriously make noise in the middle of the night.

Along with the fancy suite, I felt like Jimmy Lennon, Jr. as for the first time, I had an announcer to do the undercard, so I could rest my precious pipes until just before the cameras started rolling.

It was a good show, though there is no commission in Indiana and the officiating was the worst I've ever seen. No inspectors in the dressing room, referees that blew calls and delayed stopping fights while guys were tapping, etc.

Boxing --

Sam (Acelino) Peter's performance Saturday was among the most pathetic in years. I'll have a lot to say about it on the show Thursday. Dawson on the other hand was very impressive. I expected him to win, but didn't believe he could dominate the way he did.

More later in the week.


Justin Hackman said...

I grew up on the opposite side of Chicago from Hammond, and I used to go there to play poker. The place scares me. Sam Acelino Peter. Classic. How 'bout Sam Popo Peter...rolls off the tongue nice.

Justin Hackman said...

On another note, I can't believe the amount of people that are picking Hopkins over Pavlik. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be shocked if Hopkins won. But I saw Calzaghe get to Hopkins in the second half of their fight, not with hurting shots, or even a large number of just plain clean blows, Calzaghe flustered Hopkins with pressure and elusiveness. Hopkins doesn't get flustered. Pavlik will be applying that constant pressure as well, but without the elusiveness and awkwardness of Calzaghe. And there is of course the trump card which Calzaghe didn't have and that is knockout power to go along with constant pressure. Bernard will make this a very close fight in my opinion through six. Around that point, Pavlik's constant pressure, more intense than was Calzaghe's, should take over.

Bill from Chicago said...

There is a great stripe club right down the road, under the expressway. All right, great is a very questionable, but its fun :)
Sam Peter is a joke. I am done with him. Hands one of Bhop's best performances of his career.

Anonymous said...

The voters seemed to be right on the Pavlik vs Hopkins fight. Spectacular performance by Hopkins when many observers doubted him Hopkins prevailed and proved everyone wrong and the "old man" still got it in him.

And its shame what happened in the Andrade vs Bute fight the referee gave Bute an extra 10 seconds to recover from him being on the canvas he was clearly on the floor for a very long time and should've gotten the loss.