Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Ghost and the Baby Bull

Incredible show coming up this week. Juan Diaz and Robert Guerrero will be on.

Interesting mindsets -- I contacted Paul Malignaggi to come on. He said not while he's trying to make weight. He was in the studio 2 years ago while trying to make weight and he looked awful. He has to work real hard. I contacted him a second time to appeal his decision and he sent me a very curt "after the fight". He and I get along great, so I didn't take it personally. It must be the hunger talking.

Diaz on the other hand called me back about an hour after I left a message for him. He greeted me like an old friend and we chatted for a bit after I booked him. He seems completely relaxed. He's coming up in weight and never looked like he struggled to make 135. Could the difference in mindset be a factor in the fight? I think it's very possible.

This week's "Are You Kidding Me?" item is once again the WBC. It's bad enough that they're creating multiple champions in each division. Now they're creating champions in divisions that don't exist. Cotto and Pacquiao will fight for what they call the Diamond Championship at their catchweight. Will there now be a belt (and sanctioning fee) for every possible weight?

I can picture myself one day announcing, "The winner by unanimous decision and new WBC 143 3/4 pound world champion..."

Tune in Thursday.

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