Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the Road Again

Good show this week. If you don't know Harry Joe Yorgey, you should. He is undefeated and this weekend takes on Alfredo Angulo. By the way, this fight is for the WBO Interim Junior Middleweight title. Forget the fact that Paul Williams is already the interim champion and Sergei Dzindziruk is the regular champion. I guess 2 champions weren't enough for the WBO, so they will have 3 champions in the division.

And don't forget, the same night Dawson and Johnson compete for the IBO and WBC Interim title. Forget the fact that Jean Pascal is the WBC regular champion and is active, so there's no reason for an interim title.

We'll also talk with Fightnews Publisher Karl Freitag. Karl is our resident expert on the European scene, so he'll break down Haye - Valuev for us.

I'll be in Hartford working as a ring announcer. This will be the third week in a row for me on the road.

Last week I was in Vegas doing the undercard of Agbeko - Perez, which was a sensational fight. If it looked good on TV, I promise you it looked better from the first row.

While in Vegas, I met Tyson, Tanya Tucker and a super model. The super model looked air brushed even in person.Just like Agbeko - Perez, you think it looks good on TV, a super model is even more impressive in person.

Talk to you tonight.


Anonymous said...

I heard your hair didn't look much better last week than the week before. Maybe you should just consider shaving your head and wearing a wig.

Marc said...

That's a damn lie! I went back to my usual hair stylist and she fixed me up right.

Lesson learned -- don't go to hot hair stylists because you (I) won't be able to tell them they did a bad job and need to fix it.

Manuel said...

What's up with the Dawson-Johnson scores I thought Dawson dominated perhaps only lost 2 rounds I scored it 118-110, however the 3 judges scores were no where near this.

Feldmen- 117-111
Ford- 115-113
P___ 115-113

How was this fight even scored a 115-113 fight? How did you score the fight or did you think it was a close fight?

Marc said...

I had it 116-112. I think Glen's promoters had it the same. There were two close round that I gave to Glen that I wouldn't argue if someone scored it for Chad.

Anonymous said...

Wow Marc, less than two weeks ago I said your Showtime hair disaster would lead to you never being shown on TV again, but look at you now.. you just announced for HBO's World Championship Boxing. Was that your first time on there? If it was, then congrats to you. And I gotta say, your hair looked perfect there. My girl even said she would do you over Michael Buffer and Jimmy Lennon Jr. when I asked her. No joke.

LOL, good luck to you in the future. Your hair isn't always the most professional, but your announcing certainly is.

Marc said...

Do you have a picture of your girl?

Yes, it was my first time on HBO.

I"m done with worrying about my hair. From now on, my brand is the guy that gets so into it, that his hair might be a little messed up. Hell, my shirt might even be untucked next time.

Anonymous said...

Hello Marc,

Do you think the Cotto vs Pacquaio fight will do better PPV buys then the Mayweather vs Marquez fight which was approximately (1Million)

and if Cotto vs Pacquiao does better will Mayweather finally realize that he is not the biggest PPV seller today and possibly give thoughts as to fight either of the two next?