Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where Were You When...?

Every boxing fan remembers where they were when Buster Douglas pulled off the greatest upset in boxing history and possibly all of sports, when he knocked out the unbeatable Mike Tyson.

This Thursday night is the 20th anniversary of that incredible night. And we'll hear from the man who did it -- Buster Douglas will join us as will Jim Lampley, who called the fight for HBO. It's going to be an incredible show.

As for me, I never saw the fight live. I was working at Sportsphone (anyone remember Sportsphone?) and we didn't have HBO. We received the blow by blow from a friend on the phone who was watching. We thought for sure he was kidding when he told us Tyson had been KO'd.

I had to get about 30 college basketball scores on the air in 50 seconds with no time to mention the fight. But I was determined.I blurted out Buster Douglas knocks out Mike Tyson to win the heavyweight championship in about a second and a half.

Tune in tomorrow night to talk to Buster and relive the memories.

And post your comments below. Where were you when Douglas knocked out Tyson?


Stacy said...

Marc has a sexy head of hair. Too bad it's not real.

Gabriel said...

I was a little kid but I still have and old VHS tape of the HBO replay with both fighters in studio. Weeks later Don King was still complaining about the supposed long count of Buster Douglas.