Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This Week's Guests

No luck on Shane Mosley. I'm very disappointed because he's been on several times before. However, it will still be a great show. We've got hot prospect Victor Ortiz who fights on the PPV portion of this weekend's undercard. A lot of people are talking about him because of his ability in the ring and his maturity out of it. He has a great story that you definitely want to hear.

Also, Fightnews editor Flattop and I will disagree on everything that comes out of his mouth (and I'm not even sure what he's going to talk about yet).

By the way, the podcast is still down. I'm told it should be up by Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Last night's Contender finale was tremendous. But one of the best fights of all time? C'mon Brian Kenny. You're better than that.

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Justin said...

Marc, I totally agree with you on Brian Kenny. Great fight, but get real, do not insult the viewers. There are better, more productive ways to get regualar sports fans into boxing. In fact, I feel his statement hurts boxing's potential audience. Let me put it this way, if I am a newcomer to sport and I watch the Contender, and I hear that Bika/Codrington is the best fight ever...I'm disappointed that that's all boxing has to offer. Please, it wasn't even the fight of the week.