Friday, November 30, 2007

Mayweather - Hatton

It looks like we will not be able to get either of the two fighters on next Thursday's show. Golden Boy, which is booking Hatton's interviews, has been unhelpful as usual.

So the question is, who do you want to hear on Thursday's show talking about the fight? HBO Talent? Writers? Other boxers? Write in your suggestions.


Lee in Queens said...

Hi Marc,

How about Luis Collazo, I'm curious to hear his thoughts on this fight, as well as whats going on in his career. Antonio Tarver is a guy I'd like to hear on the show also, he's always entertaining.

-Lee in Queens

justin in dc said...

Marc, I would like to hear Teddy Atlas. Has he ever been on the show? It would also be nice if Jose Luis Castillo spoke English. He is the only common opponent, right?