Monday, December 3, 2007

Lampley and the Black Mamba

We couldn't get Floyd so we got the next best thing -- Uncle Roger. Roger Mayweather is a great personality and my board operator better be paying attention considering you never know what's going to come out of Roger's mouth.

We'll also be talking with HBO's Jim Lampley.

Should be a great show.


Brian said...

My first time listening and I really liked the show. The interviews were excellent especially Lamp.

I do disagree about Lacy though. He is shot and the Tsypko fight was evidence to the fact. Whether Manfredo can beat him I don't know but Lacy will be beaten brutally down the road. Just another tragic story in boxing.

Lee in Queens said...


I think we need a translator the next time Roger is on. Was he drunk???

Marc said...

Brian --Welcome and thanks for listening. I disagree about Lacy. He was pretty badly injured in the Tsypko fight. If he doesn't look good against Manfredo then I'll be more inclined to agree with you.

Lee -- Good call last night (as usual). I actually thought Roger was better than I thought he'd be. I warned our board operator to have their finger on the dump button incase the F-Bombs started flying.

Lee in Queens said...

Thank You Marc. Roger is always entertaining, no matter if he's making sense or not!