Sunday, December 9, 2007

Crime Stopper

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. put a halt to what would surely have been a black eye on boxing by taking the fight out of the judges' hands. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard that two of the judges gave all but one round to Mayweather. I actually had Hatton ahead by one point at the time of the KO, although I wouldn't argue with a one or even two point Mayweather lead.

However, eight rounds to one is criminal and the commission should sit down with those judges, ask them to watch a video tape and explain their scoring, just like what is supposedly happening in NY after the Cassamayor - Santa Cruz fight.

On the show, I apparently ended my losing streak of picking the wrong guy. Not only did I get the winner right, you'll recall that I said it would come via 10th round TKO. The prophecies continue as I picked every NFL game correctly this Sunday in my football pool. First time I've ever run the table.

Lastly, we'll have another "Best of Through the Ropes" show this week. I have an unavoidable travel commitment on Thursday. Starting next week, I'm back every Thursday with a new show. Stick with me. I've got big plans for Through the Ropes in 2008 and hope that you'll be there with me.


Lee in Queens said...

Hi Marc,

I have to disagree with you. I had Floyd winning all but 2 rounds of the fight. Yes, Hatton was the aggressor. However, his punches were not landing effectively or with much frequency. His defense was non-effective as well. I have no problems with the judges scoring the fight the way they did, it was a masterful performance by Floyd. Also, the booing of our National Anthem was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen at a boxing match. If anything the Brits should be standing up and applauding The Star Spangled Banner. If it wasnt for us, they'd be speaking German right now.

Justin said...

Lee, as far as the scoring, I will say this: At the time of the knockout, Floyd had a momentum lead which may as well have been worth nine or ten points. In other words, his command of the fight at that point was insurmountable. Were the cards themselves reflective of the flow of the fight when it was stopped? Yeah, I think so. But as far as individual rounds, I am inclinded to belive Hatton won more than two. Many of the first six were close, with Hatton the aggressor, and Mayweather studying, positioning his pieces. Without judging what Mayweather has up his sleeve, I would think many judges would have scored those types of rounds to Hatton. So in that way, I have to agree with Marc, in that the scorecards could have more accurately reflected a 96-94 score. However, I agree with you as well, in that Mayweather's control of the fight at round 11 was the equivilent to a 98-92 lead. But its all neither here nor there, right? Mayweather is the best, and this discussion is all academic.

justin in dc said...

Lee, my numbers reflected an eleventh round knock out, but whatever. What are your thoughts on this past year in boxing? What was your favorite bout?

Lee in Queens said...

Hey Justin. Close call for fight of the year. I'd have to say Vasquez v. Marquez 2, with Taylor v. Pavlik a close second. We were really blessed as boxing fans with a ton of great fights. To choose one almost isnt fair. Judah v. Cotto, Cotto v. Mosley, and DLH v. Mayweather were also great fights to watch. Fighter of the Year definately goes to either Pavlik or Cotto.

tony said...

you are fucking insane.. mayweather won almost every round