Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Maskaev and This Time I Mean It

I've been assured that Oleg Maskaev will be on the show this week. In fact, I'm headed down to the gym in an hour to confirm it with him myself. Also, boxing promoter Scott Hirsch. He was the manager that got Shannon Briggs and Jameel McCline title shots. He's a fascinating character having made his fortune in spam (email, not the mystery meat) and online porn.

Also, if you ever have trouble with the podcast, you can always click on and it should work.


Justin said...

Marc, you didn't ask Oleg if he would scream like a girl if he saw a tornado?! If it was an executive decision, I have to say I agree with your choice. The reply may not have gone over too well: "Exactly, exactly. Oleg Maskaev is not concerned with tornado's power. Oleg Maskaev is only concerned with Oleg Maskaev's power." -Oleg Maskaev. On a serious note though, I thought you did a fine job as always as the interviewer. As far as the fight, I got the over on this one. Peter's power seems to be dwindling. 0 knockouts since he's fought top ten guys. If your name is Jeremy Williams or Taurus Sykes and you stand right in front of Peter, then yeah, the guy's got power. Always a possibility, however, that Maskaev, between injuries, old age, and ring rust (not a friendly combination) may get flattened in a couple rounds. But I'm going to go with you, Marc, in that, this guy is a fighter, he's hungry. I'm going with him in a decision. Of course, I'd be far from shocked if the result is the antithesis of my prediction. We'll see. ~justin in dc

Marc said...

I actually asked him the tornado question at the gym. His response was, "Yeah, probably. Just because you're brave in one situation doesn't mean you're brave in all."

I can't see him winning a decision. I can see him deserving one but the WBC seems so in favor of having Peter as their champ, he's going to have to knock him out.

Peter should win the fight. He's younger, has power and though your analysis is right about guys who stand in front of him, Maskaev isn't exactly a cutie in the ring. Maskaev also does not have a god chin. Tons of heart, but not a chin.

That being said, just because Peter should win, doesn't mean he will.