Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rassen Frassen Rassen Frassen

The unusual title refers to a joke between my wife and I. Whenever we're in a situation that is particularly frustrating, we say that. It's supposed to sound like muttering to oneself. I have no idea how we started doing that.

Anyway, yesterday I found myself actually muttering real words of frustration. As great as Sports Byline has been to Through the Ropes, the technical difficulties have been maddening on my end.

It became apparent to me a few months ago, just how many people listen to the podcast. When the podcast went down, I received tons of email asking when it will be back up. I have inquired every week and was told it would be up and running this week. Well, it wasn't. When I expressed my frustration, I received a kurt email reply saying they were doing everything they could with limited resources. I'm not even sure what that means, but I have a feeling it's not good news.

Also, this past week, we had a phenomenal show. Manny Steward was in the studio and was tremendous. Andy Lee called in. Johnathon Banks and Aaron Pryor, Jr. were in the studio as well. Unfortunately, some people who tried to listen live had difficulty as the link on Fightnews was not working for everyone (not Fightnews' fault).

I do hope that you guys will stay with me despite some of our technical issues. I work hard every week to bring boxing fans a unique show that is designed with them in mind. I receive great feedback from people telling me how much they enjoy it, which is very satisfying.

I'll let everyone know when the podcast is up and running again. Until then, I hope you'll listen on Thursday nights between 9 - 10 p.m. ET.

Until next week, obey my commands and protect yourself at all times.

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Anonymous said...

rassen frassen comes from the 60s cartoon wacky races. mutley (the villain's dog) would mutter when he didn't like something his master said to him. he'd say 'rassen frassen sassen' - maybe you could share with your wife that thats the origin of the words you guys use, my wife and I use them too! :)