Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Timers

This week, I'll be doing the show from Santa Ynez, CA, where Friday night I'll be cage announcing ShoXC on Showtime .

Through the Ropes should be a lot of fun this week. We have two guests making their first appearance. Former champ, Glen "The Road Warrior" Johnson, who fights April 12th against Chad Dawson will be on. Glen is one of the nicest guys in the sport. He's got a tough challenge facing Bad Chad, but Dawson better be prepared because Glen is always ready to take someone to hell.

Also on the show is promoter Lisa Elovich. She's promoting this week's Friday Night Fights card featuring Andy Lee and Aaron Pryor, Jr. (we had both of them on a few weeks ago). We'll talk with Lisa about the difficult job of promoting s and what it's like to be a woman in this business.

Do not call the usual call in number since we'll be on location. Instead, dial 1-800-878-7529. The email address -- ttropes@earthlink.net is still the same.

Talk to you Thursday.


Justin said...

Hey Marc,
Can you believe Andy Lee? I was speechless afterwards. I would have liked to see Lee make an adjustment after round three or four upon realizing Vera was not going anywhere. The idea for young fighters in their early fights is to be faced with different tests. In Brian Vera, Lee was faced with the test of a guy who would walk through Lee's best shots and keep coming. It was a test of Lee's emotional stamina, as well as physical stamina, and he failed. The question now becomes, will he learn from it? Can he become a better fighter because he lost, similar to Wlad Klitschko? I hope so. I would like to see Lee take a rematch with Vera (immediately, or after a fight or two), beat him the right way, and go from there. I want to see him prove he learned from this set back. So in this way, a loss will be a good thing. What are your thoughts? ~justin in dc

Marc said...

I never thought Vera could win this fight. I agree that maybe this was a lesson that Lee needed and it could ultimately be a good thing. I'm hoping to talk to Emanuel Steward later this week, so I'll ask him his thoughts.

That being said, it was a terrible stoppage. Lee was firing back and in fact landed a hard left hand as the ref jumped in. It wasn't a flailing, hope to hit something left, but an actual straight punch that had purpose.