Saturday, March 15, 2008

Inside Information

This afternoon, I attended the grand opening of the new Deerfield Beach, FL Police Athletic League boxing and wrestling facility. In attendance to take photos and sign autographs were former Light Heavyweight champion Glen Johnson and former Heavyweight champ Michael Moorer.

Johnson, of course has a title fight with Chad Johnson coming up on April 12th.

After the ceremony, pizza and pasta were served. Johnson's trainer asked Glen if he was going to have some or stick to his diet. Johnson turned down the food. Just the fact that his trainer was giving him the option to eat that kind of starchy food just four weeks before the fight tells me the Road Warrior is in good shape.

We'll try to have both guys on the show before the fight. I spoke to Johnson about it and he said he'll be glad to do it.

Bad Chad has to be considered the favorite, but he better be prepared for a fight. I've got a feeling that like Juan Diaz, he's never experienced what his challenger is going to bring that night.

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