Wednesday, March 18, 2009

El Gato in the Casa

We're in for a treat this week. Francisco "El Gato" Figueroa will be in studio with me. Gato faces Randall Bailey in a WBC junior welterweight title eliminator on April 3 on Friday Night Fights.

El Gato is 20-2 (13). He is very entertaining to watch and even more fun to listen to. We're working on trying to get Timothy Bradley as well, but don't have him confirmed.

By the way, I received some emails asking whether last week's explosion in the studio while I was on the air was real. It absolutely was. The computer that sits right at my feet literally blew up. Acrid smoke was pouring out of it. Luckily, there was no fire, which I didn't know until my board operator Colin came in and confirmed my very life wasn't in immediate danger. Though breathing in that smoke for the next 45 minutes couldn't have been good for me.

But they don't call me "The Weekend Warrior" for nothing. I toughed it out through stinging eyes and burning lungs in order to deliver the best boxing show on the air.

Hopefully this week, we'll be explosion free.

Talk to you tomorrow night.

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