Sunday, March 22, 2009

Missed it by That Much

No live show this week. Sports Byline will run a "Best of..." show in its place. I'll be back live the following week.

Now, two quick stories.

Thursday, Jimmy Lennon, Jr. called me and asked me if Roy Jones' people had called me. I told him they hadn't. "That's strange, he said, I told them to call you." Jimmy was sick and didn't think he could do the show. He said he'd talk to Square Ring and they would call me shortly.

I stared at the phone for 2 hours before it finally rang. It was Jimmy. "I'm feeling better," he said. "I think I'm going to do the show."

I've never been so disappointed to NOT be in Pensacola.

My 7 year old has career day coming up at school. I asked him if I should come in and talk about being on the radio and TV. My son rejected my offer. I asked him why. "I don't think the kids will think it's very interesting," he answered. "Would it be more interesting if I worked in a bank?" I replied. After a minute of thinking, "Yeah, probably."

The glamorous life continues...

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