Thursday, January 21, 2010

He's Back

Nick Charles is back on ShoBox this weekend and I couldn't be happier to have him on the show tonight. Nick is truly one of the good guys in the sport.

I remember after my first ring announcing gig with ShoBox, Nick invited me back to the production truck for pizza. We talked like we were old friends, despite having met that night. At the next show I saw him hang out with fans for over an hour, happily talking boxing.

I'm thrilled that his health has improved enough that he is working again.

We'll also talk with Adam Pollack, who penned Bob Fitzsimmons' biography, In the Ring with Bob Fitzimmons. It is exhaustively researched and is the authoritative Fitz biography.

Tune in tonight.


Renzo said...

Glad that Nick Charles is back and doing much better! Showtime Boxing is not the same without him.

Anonymous said...

Nick is a great man and anybody who has ever met him has said nothing but the best things about him.

I was so excited last week to enjoy the card and finally see him back on Shobox.. the Shobox intro started playing and it brought a smile to my face as adrenaline started pumping through me. Then what happened next I've been replaying in my nightmares daily since Saturday. "Marc Lichtenfeld is announcing the card? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH!". I couldn't believe it. My night could have been perfect, yet after seeing the sight of Marc and his horrid hairpiece introducing Shobox, I took 6 oxycontin and proceeded to drink myself to sleep to forget what happened. Unfortunately I didn't.

Why that night, Marc? WHY??

Marc said...

Nick was back the week before I announced, so you were a week late and missed the opportunity to see him without me.

As for my hair, it's all natural, baby. Jealous?

C'mon, you have to admit it was 100x better than it was in Laredo for Hernandez - Frias.

Anonymous said...

Marc, I beg you to never remind us of that catastrophic night in Laredo again. I had to watch 10 hours of prime early-mid 90's Michael Buffer announcing to get that disaster out of my mind. Unfortunately it never completely left me and still haunts me to this day.

In one of my nightmares, I woke up and went to the bathroom, then when I looked at my mirror your terrifying toupee was sitting atop my own head. I tried everything to take it off.. rip it out with my bare hands, cut it with garden tools, set it ablaze.. nothing worked. I was about to jump out of a window, but I finally woke up. But I awoke on the carpet 10 feet from my bed tangled up in my sheets and my usually picture-perfect hair was disheveled bebyond belief. I took a shower and shampooed 5 times, yet it still looked quite scruffy and was even tied in knots. I was forced to wear a hat for a week following that night of agony.

There are bad hair days and then there are Marc Lichtenfeld hair days.

Marc said...

Nicely done.

But I assure it's natural.