Sunday, January 24, 2010

To the Max

People seem to love or hate Max Kellerman. I lo.. well, I like him a lot. I always have. Ever since he impressed the hell out of me as a 16 year old kid on Manhattan basic cable. Like him or not, Max knows his stuff.

I thought he was good on HBO from the beginning. But now I think he's very good. On Saturday night's HBO Boxing After Dark, he summarized the evening perfectly. Yes, we know that Lopez's win was a better win because it came against better opposition. But we can't deny how excited we got about Gamboa.

The great thing about Max is he's still so young that he has plenty of room to get even better.

He may not be completely appreciated today, but one day, years from now, he's going to be acknowledged as the greatest boxing broadcaster in television history.

Bookmark this blog entry and 30 years from now, when you're jetting around in your flying car, have your robot servant call it up and read it to you. You'll see I was right.


Lefty said...

He can't touch Cosell!

Marc said...

You're being extremely truculent

Anonymous said...

In your opinion who had the more impressive victory Gamboa or Juan Manuel Lopez?

and who do you think would win should they fight each other?

Anonymous said...

Marc, are you high? Literally, did you drop some E before writing this ridiculous piece confessing your love for Kellerman? Max has as much of a chance at being the greatest boxing broadcaster ever as you do of being the greatest boxing announcer ever. 0%.

Marc said...

What if I improve my hair? Then do I have a shot?