Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spinks Family Reunion?

We've got Cory Spinks booked for tomorrow night. I think he's the most underrated boxer in the sport. Some fans don't like him because he typically doesn't mix it up (although he did in his last fight against Latimore).

But he hasn't helped himself much either. Fighting once a year and coming into camp out of shape, doesn't make him easier to root for. Rumors are that he was 40 pounds overweight at the start of camp, which led to his long time trainer Kevin Cunningham walking out on him.

Speaking of underrated, his Uncle Michael is one of the top 3 Light Heavies of all time but no one seems to talk about him much.

Hopefully, tomorrow night we'll talk TO him. I've got a call in to his people so I'm crossing my fingers it will happen.

Michael Spinks was one of my favorite fighters growing up, along with Hagler. He did everything well. He could box, he could bunch and he was smart in the ring. His fight with Qawi was a masterpiece in how to fight a tough slugger.

Tune in tomorrow night.

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