Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Old Friends

Andre Berto, a long time friend of the show will be on with us Thursday night. Usually, we have a good time with him about the women (or lack thereof) fans calling the show. I'm sure we'll still get into that with him, but we'll also talk about his relief efforts in Haiti and his decision to cancel the fight with Mosley.

This won't be your typical celebrity discussing the difficult conditions in some devastated area. Andre lost family in the earthquake. When he was down there, he wasn't posing for photo ops. He was carrying body bags. It should be a fascinating conversation.

We'll also talk with IBO President Ed Levine. He's one of the good guys in the sport, trying to make it better.

I'm sure we'll also discuss Hopkins - Jones, which is a joke as far as I'm concerned. Unless Bernard suddenly got old, which is certainly a possibility considering he's 73, Roy has no business being in the ring with him. Vote in the poll on the right.

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Talk to you Thursday.

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