Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Monster Show

If my guests were any bigger this week, I'd be David Letterman.

We've got Sugar Shane Mosley, Kelly Pavlik and Lou DiBella all scheduled for Thursday night. Pavlik has become Lou's new arch nemesis, something I'm sure he relishes.

Email your questions to or call in Thursday night at 9. You can listen in at or


Gene said...

I don't understand why everyone labeled the Jones-Hopkins rematch as a joke before it even happened and after it unfolded, people criticized it as being boring and useless. I found it to be an interesting chess match and tactical affair between two legends who clearly still had beef with each other. Sure, maybe there were some slow parts, but overall it an intense battle of the brilliant boxing minds.

Anonymous said...

Sergio Martinez is going to knockout Kelly Pavlik.