Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Galaxxy Warrior in the Studdio

This week, the Galaxxy Warrior, lightweight champ Nate Campbell will be in the studio as a special co-host. Also on the show is Jr. Flyweight champ Ivan Calderon.

Glad to be back.


Bill from Chicago said...

Did your son like the fight? You did a good job announcing at that the MMA event a couple of weeks ago.

Bill from Chicago said...

HBO needs to hire Nate. He is so much better than that stiff, L. Lewis. Great stuff. He did a great job with his gig with ESPN, dare I say I didn't miss Teddy. One more thing, love when you play Phish. Nice story about your boy.

Jeremy from California said...

Two outstanding interviews made this a great show. I wish that I had been able to listen live, but my schedule didn't permit it. I did catch the podcast however, and I have to say kudos for a job well done Marc.