Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Head in the Clouds

This week, we've got undefeated light heavy contender Tavoris Cloud, who fights Julio Gonzalez in the main event on Friday night Fights this week.

And on the even of the Olympics opening ceremony we'll talk with former heavyweight contender and 1972 Olympic team member Duane Bobick. Though he beat Teofilio Stevenson a year earlier, Bobick lost to the Cuban great in the Olympic games.

I'll also have lots to say about the Judah - Clottey fight. I've got a strong point of view on the bout and one that I haven't heard anyone else discuss.


Lee from Queens said...

Marc, Zab quit in that fight. No doubt in my mind. I cant wait to call you later about this.

Bill from Chicago said...

I agree with you 1000% - Zab has all the talent in the world, but once he is tested he gives up. He has all the talents you want in a fighter except a suspect heart. It has happened in big fight big after fight - he is not mentally strong. It was an excellent interview with Duane Bobick, very interesting, especially the part about Munich. It was interesting how he was all alone before his big fight with Ken Norton. What were his handlers thinking? And letting him going out there dry - huge mistake. Keep up the great shows.