Saturday, February 28, 2009

Berto - Cotto?

Last night I was in Tampa calling Real Fighting Championships 16. The show was broadcast all over the Carribean and Central and South America. I hear I'm big in Trinidad.

Anyway, Edson Berto was in the main event. I went into his locker room to talk to Andre. He told me he's scheduled for May 30th and that the opponent might be Miguel Cotto. I asked him how likely that was. Andre said he and his promoter want it and he has heard Cotto does too. I hope it happens.

After his last bout, I'm not sure Berto can handle Cotto but it's time for him to try.

By the way, during the show last night, Hector Macho Camacho came out to hype a potential fight with Yory Boy Campas. I probably shouldn't go off too much about this fight since I might be the blow by blow announcer. But Macho came out in his usual boxing garb. It looked like he enjoyed penitentiary cuisine.

He looked like a 40 something year old guy that hasn't been to the gym in ages, which is probably the case. The six pack was gone replaced by layers of middle age flab. It was kind of pathetic for him to be strutting his stuff like that while "Macho Man" blared from the speakers.

If they fight, Campas will destroy him.

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