Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Packed House

This week's show will be jam packed with guests.

Kermit Cintron will talk about his upcoming fight with Sergio Martinez. And you know I'm going to ask him if he thinks Antonio Margarito had anything illegal in his gloves when he handed Kermit a beating last April.

Andre Ward is the last American to win gold at the Olympics. That was nearly 5 years ago. Boxing fans have been waiting for this talented fighter to make his move to the top of the division. Will he do it in 2009?

And Mike Silver, author of "The Arc of Boxing, The Rise and Decline of the Sweet Science" will discuss his book and why today's fighters couldn't carry the spit buckets of the greats from yesteryear. We'll also give away a copy of the book as a prize for trivia.

On a personal note, I'll be working the undercard of the HBO show next weekend for Don King. I really enjoy introducing fighters that I know. Heavyweight prospect Bermane Stiverne is a guy I've written about before. He's incredibly exciting to watch. Cruiser prospect Francisco Palacios is a guy I've known for years and Olympian Gary Russell, Jr, whose pro debut I announced on ShoBox will all be on that card.

Even better, my wife and my parents will be at the show, all watching me for the first time. I asked my 7 year old son, who couldn't care less about sports, if he wanted to go. Without looking up from his computer game he strongly declared, "No." I walked away muttering, "It's OK. It's only your father announcing in a big arena in front of thousands of people on a Don King card."


John said...


one day your son will understand how cool that really is !

maybe if you were the announcer on one of those EA sports video games it would grab his attention.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marc, if it is proven that Margarito used something illegal in his handwrap how long do you think he deserves to be suspended?

and if Margarito vs Cotto gets cancelled because of this Margarito suspension who do you think deserves a match vs Cotto?

good luck on your announcing your son will soon realize how much fun and enjoyment you get out of boxing.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to listen to this via podcast? Was at an NBA game tonight so missed it live, but am a big Cintron fan and want to hear how he's doing coming into the upcoming fight on the 14th. The only podcast on Itunes is from December.

Marc said...

Podcasts are available at or on iTunes. Let me know if you have a problem downloading it.

Anonymous said...

Marc-- I only see the 12/18 and 1/29 shows up on Itunes (and in different topics/subjects). Seems like the Ipod posts are hit or miss.

Justin Hackman said...

Well I guess I'm doing something wrong then because the only one I see available is from Dec 18. I tried shooting an email to the webmaster and general questions, yet both got sent right back

Marc said...

I was told that my board op in San Francisco spaced it and didn't record several shows.

I'm having problems too and can only see the one from December.

If you have specific questions for the webmaster, email me at and I will forward them to him.


Justin Hackman said...

Checked out the podcast situation this morning, and good news, everything is available. I listened to the Kellerman interview, Marc you gotta have him on more....if you can!

Anonymous said...

Podcasts are up-- thanks for getting that straightened out. Thanks also for the continued support of Kerm, Marc- as you know, he's one of the sport's good guys thru and thru with a great story and approach to life, and whose skills I think are too often underappreciated by many. Plus his fan friendly bouts are nearly always action packed . Don't know a whole lot about the Argentinian, butI am wishing Kerm the best this Saturday and hope he brings another belt to the Philly area.

Marc said...

I don't get why Kermit doesn't get more support. He's a skilled, exciting fighter. Is he the best in the division? No. Does he engage in fun fight to watch? Absolutely.

The only guy who has beaten him is Margarito and now there is a cloud of suspicion over those fights.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Marc, Kerm (and his then team) was overmatched and in over their heads in that first Tony fight (I think first impressions often linger), but that second fight, even though it also ended in a loss (and I'm not going into the hands controversy yet until theres something more definitive-- but have plenty to say about that too if it proves to be true) shouldn't be taken as any badge of dishonor-- heck, I give Kerm props for stepping up to take the fight when he didn't have to and then swinging to the end in a short but brutal matchup-- it had a certain redemptive "visionquest" quality to it. (given Kerm's prep wrestling background). If Kerm stays focused and keeps improving his boxing skills (now under Ronnie Shields), and notches a big W come Saturday night against this slick southpaw, I'm sure he'll be back getting some big "love" from the HBO boxing suits. (Their lack of interest in the Clottey match up in the best division in boxing is still mystifying).

Anonymous said...

Do you think Alfredo Angulo is overrated it seems like he fights with the same style Margarito has and I think he will be vulnerable to a good slick boxer with a chin?

What are your thoughts on Angulo?

Marc said...

I think that's a fair assessment. However, I'm not sure if there are too many guys with the chin or heart to stand up to him for 10 or 12 rounds.