Monday, July 6, 2009

Filipino Flash

Just talked with Nonito Donaire. He's going to come to the studio Thursday night to sit in as co-host. It was almost two years to the day that he knocked out Vic Darchinyan. Five days later, he came to the studio to co-host with me. He was extraordinarily nice and humble. I'd even call him a little green. Nonito still seemed wowed by his newfound stardom.

Two years later his star has fallen quite a bit as he has not been seen by US audiences. There have been reports of him acting like a prima donna.

We'll see which Filipino Flash shows up Thursday night.

I'm still working on guest #2. Possibilities include Gary Shaw matchmaker John Beninati (which could be interesting considering the bad blood between Donaire and Shaw) and Don King. I'll update the blog when the guest is booked.

On another front, I've been told I'm ring announcing the Darchinyan - Agbeko fight on Showtime this weekend. It will be my first Showtime World Championship Boxing. Don't know why Jimmy isn't doing it. I actually expect to show up Saturday night and see him there, relegating me to undercard status.

If I do get the main event, it should be interesting considering that Don King would like to make the event the east coast tribute to Michael Jackson.

The question is do I moonwalk on Showtime?

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