Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tribute to Arturo Gatti

This week Through the Ropes pays tribute to Arturo Gatti. His promoter Kathy Duva will join us as will HBO's Jim Lampley, who called most of his fights over the past decade, including the trilogy with Mickey Ward.

I hope that you'll call in or email with your thoughts or favorite memories of Arturo. If you met him, I especially want to hear from you.

A recurring theme on Through the Ropes is how we love fighters that don't quit. Arturo didn't know the meaning of the word and is one of the reasons why he was so beloved by boxing fans. He was everything that boxing fans want in a fighter. Bravery, toughness, power and skill. And he was a good interview as well.

It will be an honor to pay tribute to him and his legacy on Thursday night.

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