Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Through the Ropes Gets Big Time!

I had undefeated heavyweight prospect Travis Walker booked for Thursday night but I needed another guest. Someone bigger that will draw some listeners. Buffer is booked for the next month. I wasn't in the mood for a media person. I wanted a big name, perhaps with some controversy. What the hell, I'll call Jameel McCline. He's not talking to anyone but I know him fairly well and we've always gotten along. Maybe I can leverage that relationship to score a big interview for the show.

Jameel and his wife Tina, who handles all of his media requests, went for it. They know that I'll be fair and that I'm not out to crucify anyone. Yet at the same time, they recognize that I'll ask the questions that need to be asked. I've spoken with Jameel many times on and off the record. I've always admired his candidness with the media. He's one of my favorite interviews. He actually answers the questions that are asked, rather than responding with clich├ęs we’ve grown accustomed to from many athletes.

Jameel will be in studio for the whole hour. I'm glad, because if he was just on for 10 minutes that wouldn't give us enough time to address the steroids, the fight, Duva, etc. What is especially interesting to me is that without the steroid allegations, his stock might have actually risen based on his performance against Peter. Jameel would make an excellent commentator when his fighting days are over. But with that nasty 'roid accusation, I'm not sure if the networks would touch him at the moment. I want to hear his plans for the future and how he will clear his name (assuming he says he's innocent). I hope we don't get into a "cream and the clear" situation.

Talk to you tomorrow night.

Until then, obey my commands and protect yourself at all times.

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