Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In the Dark

So this week I sent out emails and made calls to all the usual suspects -- fighters who have big fights coming up in the next few weeks.

After an inquiry to Wlad Klitschko's people, I received a terse reply that he is not doing media interviews other than media week and the conference calls.

I was stunned.

I wrote back explaining what I thought was obvious -- that although Wlad is the heavyweight champion of the world, he could walk down the streets of most cities in the U.S. and no one would know who he is. I further explained that a few quotes from the conference call on the internet sites won't generate excitement for the fight. He needs to do more (and an appearance on the largest nationally syndicated boxing radio show would certainly help).

People should be excited about Wlad as heavyweight champ. He has heart (despite previous reports) hits like an S.O.B. and conducts himself as a true champion outside of the ring. He should be known. It boggles my mind that his management team prefers to keep him hidden.

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