Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Young and Old

I was able to reschedule Larry Holmes for this week's show. However, it will be a recorded interview. Shoot me an email at if you have a question for him. It will be great to talk to him about being elected to the Hall of Fame, considering he never got his due while he was in his prime.

Also, on the show are Anthony and Lamont Peterson. The brothers fight on Shobox this weekend. They've been on the show before and were good interviews. If you're not familiar with these guys you need to be. Not only can they fight, they have personalities, an inspiring story and are stars in the making (as long as they keep winning.) They will be on live, so call in to speak with them.

Talk to you tomorrow night.


Tim said...

Glad to see the show back. Looks like the beginning of 08 is looking great. Even got some great heavyweight fights coming up for once. Do you think the David Haye vs Enzo Maccarinelli fight will get on TV?

Tim said...

Going back to your show last night I think Lennox Lewis is a shoe in for the Hall of Fame and deservingly so. In my opinion he was the greatest heavyweight since Larry Holmes and if you look at the division since he left you can understand what he meant to it. I was a rare fan and appreciated him and his respect for the sport. A good technical boxer with a good amateur career.