Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who Knows?

Trying to line up guests for this week has been a challenge, yet is typical. Here's a peek at what it's like to book guests each week.

When the show first started, I hired a guy to assist with the booking. He was useless and I ended up getting all of the guests myself in a panic on Wednesday nights. After I let him go, I started calling around on Monday, or even the week before.

For this week, I want to get George Foreman and Roy Jones. Foreman because this month is the 35th anniversary of his winning the title against Joe Frazier. Jones because he's fighting this week. I contacted Bill Caplan, one of Top Rank's PR people and a good friend of Big George's. He gave me George's son's (George #3) email address as he handles the former champ's schedule.

After sending him an email, I received a reply from Caplan saying Young George told him they would do the interview. Meanwhile, I have not heard from either George. When I got in touch with Caplan again, he said, no, George will be in touch with me, they hadn't agreed to anything yet, but I should keep trying. I've emailed Young George every day and received no response.

Meanwhile, Roy Jones has been even more difficult. After responding to an email offering up Roy, I was told to speak with a different PR person. That one suggested I call yet another one. The last one was very non committal and told me to get back to him this week. I called today and he basically said, we'll see what we can do. I explained that I need to have things scheduled i nadvance and he can't call me on Thursday at 5:00 to tell me Roy will do the interview at 9:30. He reiterated that he'll see what he can do.

So at this point, I have no idea what the odds are that we get George this week and I'd say Roy is less than 10%. So where does that leave us?

I interviewed Bruce Buffer today for an article I'm writing for ESPN.com. I asked if Michael was available on Thursday night. He thought he was but has not yet confirmed. Current odds about 50-50. By the way, Bruce is an incredibly nice guy and extremely sharp. This was my first time speaking with him at length.

This is where I stand on Tuesday night. If I don't hear anything in the next 24 hours, I go into panic mode and start going through my rolodex to see who we can book, so you don't have to listen to me blather on for an hour.

The good news is that Emanuel Steward and Andy Lee are going to come into the studio with me on Feb 7th for the full hour. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

WED. NIGHT UPDATE -- Michael Buffer and Joe Tessitore are confirmed for this week's show. Talk to you tomorrow night.


justin in dc said...

Marc, your whole post was a downer, and I thought it was going to end on that note as well...but then you drop Steward and Lee are going to be in-studio in a couple weeks?! And then you end on a Caddyshack reference? Way to wrap everything up, in a happy ending style no less. Very Hollywood of you. Good luck with Buffer (speaking of Hollywood). I heard him in an interview once, and he seems like a pretty knowledgeable fan. I suppose he would have to be, sitting ringside for every big event, but still, there is something to be said about a professional tied to the sport, who can speak from a fan's perspective as well.

Tim said...

Have you ever had Steve Smoger on? Would love to get his take on current big fighters. It seems that guy is working every time I turn on ESPN2, showtime and HBO.

Lee in Queens said...

Hey Marc,

What about Arthur Mercante Sr. and Jr.? Both are really great guys, and always accessible to the fans at shows here in NY. I'm willing to bet they'd be equally accessible to the Through the Ropes family.