Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jan 24th

Real quick because I'm getting on a plane to Atlantic City to ring announce ShoXC tomorrow night.

Tonight we'll be talking to Lou DiBella and Jr. Middle prospect Ricardo Cortes, who fights on ShoBox next week. There's a different call in # tonight. If you want to talk to Lou, Ricardo or me, call 1-800-878-7529.


Anonymous said...

Mark - I haven't been able to download the last two podcasts. Everything ok?

Marc said...

No, the podcast is still down. I was told it should be working by February. The good news is it will be available on iTunes.

Anonymous said...

very disappointing - i was curious to hear your take on jones/trinidad and miranda's ko

Marc said...

Jones - Trinidad -- Jones looked great from the waist up but I thought his legs looked plodding. Trinidad was old and fat. I thought the fight didn't prove anything about Roy. However, I was wrong in that there now seems to be interest from Chad Dawson in fighting him so he will likely get a big money fight.

Miranda's KO was spectacular. My belief that he's overrated hasn't changed in that I still think he's one dimensional. However, that one dimension is pretty damn impressive.

Alcine was not as good as I thought he was going to be. Before their two fights, I would have picked Alcine to win. Now, I'd have to go with Miranda.